7 tips to get rid of back fat

Tired of that unsightly back fat. Even the words back fat sound nasty together enough!! Here’s some top tips to get rid of the unsightly back fat in time for the summer:

Build muscle – There are more back fat exercises and now I know this sounds crazy and I hear it all the time I don’t want to end up a beefcake but there is no better way to burn those fat cells than building muscle. Don’t worry you wont end up with arms like Arnold Schwarzenegger (light weights only please at first) but those extra calories burned up to maintain the muscles will be a godsend.

Keep a strict record off what you have eaten – this used to be difficult back in the day but with the advent of the smart phone there is no excuse! There are even several free apps on the iPhone that do this for you and you can even scan the barcodes for the specific items. Learn to read your labels and know what’s in your food. You wouldn’t just turn up to that gas station and put anything into your car! Make sure you treat your body with the same respect and watch what fuel your putting in.

Cardio – what’s good for the heart. Not as necessary as you may think to shift the weight but nothing beats a good run/jog/swim/cycle that gets the heart going, can be horrible at first but be realistic you are not going to be running like Usain Bolt after a week on the treadmill just take it easy and build up gradually. If you’ve spent years on the couch (like me previously) you may not feel the benefits at first but stick with it and believe me those endorphins will soon be pumping and you’ll feel what those “gym freaks” are talking about!

Don’t just stick to the gym – get outside and do things life is for living not being tied to the stuffy local gym! If you have kids then great exercise can be combined into a trip to the park to play games! They are never too young to get them into the habits that will stop them going through what we all have before we regain our shape and never having to see that dreaded back fat!

Have a cheat day – (or if you really want rid of that fat fast cheat meal) this will keep you on track and can be used as a carrot to motivate you when the going gets tough and you need to dig deep (it happens to us all now and again when we see the chocolate cake on offer!!!)

Take action today! Simple one really! Do not put it off one day longer there really is no time like the present. Time is the only thing you can not get back so make the most of yours and act now! Never give up.

Flaunt it! – get out and show that body off buy a new wardrobe, get that back on show and get out there your new found joy for your body will be infectious and people will notice the new energy and health you emit from your core!! It will change your life!